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About Us

All our Physicians are American Academy of Family Medicine Board Certified and trained in:
Newborn Care, Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine, Adult Medicine and Urgent Care


What is Family Medicine?

Family Medicine is a Board Specialty which encompasses all of adult and pediatric medicine. Our physicians have cross training in gynecology, newborn care, pediatrics, adolescent medicine, adult medicine, emergency medicine and geriatrics. This generalized training makes us perfectly suited to care for the medical needs of the entire family. All our physicians are Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and have many years of experience caring for local families.

Why do I need a Trinity doctor?

Trinity’s doctors are uniquely suited to care for the wide variety of medical issues that everyone in the family faces. Almost all of your pediatric and adult medical needs may be met in one easy place. When you need specialty care our doctors work hand in hand with the best local and Boston specialists to make sure you get the care you deserve. Our physicians are on the staff at Caritas Good Samaritan Hospital.

What is Trinity’s practice philosophy?

Trinity Family Medicine exists to bring the best and most up-to-date medical care to your family and the wider Easton community. We desire to serve you with excellence, compassion, and kindness.

What makes Trinity unique?

Trinity’s providers have a unique interest in serving patients medical, emotional and spiritual needs. Many of our patients appreciate the prayer and emotional support they receive at Trinity.