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Dr. Geoff Gilson has always been extremely caring and compassionate, and most of all, he listens. He has changed how I view my health, and has encouraged and helped me to take better care of myself by explaining in a very realistic and honest way what I can do to improve my health. What I especially appreciate is that he is very honest with me, and treats me as an equal, explaining health issues very plainly to me. That has not always been true for me with other doctors. The office staff is excellent and very responsive when I call, especially when I am sick. I can’t image going anywhere else.  ~ Jerry T., Brockton, MA

I’ve seen the Gilsons for about 5 years and have always received exemplary and timely care from the moment I have walked in the door until the moment I check out. They not only care for patients with great knowledge and insight into their medical concerns, but they speak thoughtfully into their hearts as well. I would recommend this practice to any family.  ~ Amanda, Whitman, MA

This is an AMAZING Doctor’s office. The staff is kind and professional. Dr. Geoff Gilson is the best physician I’ve ever had. I’ve always felt that he had a genuine care and concern for all aspects of my well being. ~ Matt, Brockton, MA

I’m almost 45 years old and I never realized what good healthcare was until I started going to Trinity. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s absolutely true. I’ve had several PCPs in my adult life and it was always the same deal: Make an appointment, wait for an hour in the waiting room to be seen, have the doctor rush through the exam and rarely have any of them actually take the time to listen to me. My sister was a patient at Trinity and after I had a particularly bad experience with my doctor, she pretty much demanded that I go see Dr. Gilson. I got an appointment right away and was floored when Dr. Gilson pulled up a stool and had a conversation with me about what was going on with me. I explained my situation and that my previous doctor had been monitoring a condition for over a year without ever actually treating it. Every visit was “come back in 3 months and we’ll see how it goes.” After viewing my blood work Dr. Gilson immediately prescribed a medication that in a matter of weeks improved my quality of life dramatically. While my previous doctor was content to just string me along, Dr. Gilson wanted to DO SOMETHING to treat me. I don’t even think he understands what a positive impact that he has had on my life. I could not be more grateful for the care and compassion that I receive at Trinity. ~ Steve, Norton, MA